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ElkanoData is an information design agency

We specialize in Infographics, Motion Graphics and Data Visualization.
We've been fortunate to work with some amazing clients and would love the opportunity to collaborate with you.
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Infographics are visual representations of information which allow for the information to be shared in a more efficient and attractive manner.

Using visual language allows for our message to stand out and for the viewer to more quickly process the information.

Thanks to the experience of ElkanoData, we're able to make sure that your next infographic will be a success.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are animated videos created from information and statistical data, the perfect format to communicate information on the web.

The ease with which this format is consumed, the elevated level of engagement that it generates and the combination of image, sound and movement allows us to communicate complex messages in a very short time and in a format that is very attractive.

Data Visualization

Connecting people with data in a way in which they can easily interact, explore and understand is one of the greatest take-aways of the Digital Era.

Due to the immense quantities of information that has been generated, users need interactive interfaces that allow them to draw their own conclusions, while businesses need intuitive tools and visuals that allow them to more easily make game-changing decisions.
A few of our clients

Latest projects

Infographic designed for Nespresso displaying the large quantity of Michelin star restaurants that trust in their coffee brand
Nespresso & Michelin stars
Client: Nespresso / Agency Contrapunto BBDO
Over 30% of restaurants in Spain awarded one, two or...
Over 30% of restaurants in Spain awarded one, two or three Michelin stars trust in Nespresso. As a result, Nespresso wanted to create an infographic in order to easily demonstrate exactly how many and which Michelin star restaurants are using their coffee.
Infographic created for Spotify Asia’s market in order to promote and educate potential marketing clients about Spotify’s audio ads and their audience reach benefits.
Audio Ad Benefits
Client: Spotify For Brands
Spotify For Brands asked us to create an infographic closely...
Spotify For Brands asked us to create an infographic closely following their brand guidelines for distribution to throughout their asian market.

The infographic is organized in a simple and effective format to explain the what, why and how of Spotify’s audio ads and is backed up with targeted research and statistics.

Spotify’s audio ads’ benefits are clearly displayed - 60% higher recall, 21% more awareness, 22% higher positive brand impact and 52% higher brand interest - in an effort to distinguish Spotify’s audio ads as a viable and uniquely effective advertising route.
Complete interactive web experience to explore and learn more about the results of IASIST’s 2014 TOP 20 Hospitals.
IASIST TOP 20 2014 Results
Client: IASIST
IASIST’s prestigious list of TOP 20 Hospitals is released once...
IASIST’s prestigious list of TOP 20 Hospitals is released once a year and for the 2014 edition they asked us to create a more comprehensive and interactive experience of the their results. Previously, the results were distributed only as a list with accompanying tables of corresponding statistics.

For this project we created:
- a complete web dedicated to the TOP 20 2014 results
- 3 different types of fully interactive data visualizations
- a 3-minute video explaining IASIST’s TOP 20 Hospitals
- an integrated social media component to promote sharing and distribution

We also delivered analytic reports covering 4 different distribution channels following the launch and campaign to evaluate the patterns and successes to elevate the campaign strategies for the upcoming year.
Data Visualization
VacToDate: eHealth trends in 2014
eHealth Trends in 2014
Client: Sanofi Pasteur MSD / Agency: GTO
Motion Graphics summary of trends in eHealth in 2014 as...
Motion Graphics summary of trends in eHealth in 2014 as a promotional video of the course VacToDate eHealth developed by Sanofi Pasteur MSD.

The course is aimed at those health professionals who want to update their knowledge and skills at the level of e -health .

The Motion Graphics was used as a tool for online promotion of the course.
Motion Graphics
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A few of our clients

In our sector it can be very difficult to convey the information in a way that´s both attractive and accurate. ElkanoData uses new formats to achieve just that. They combine professionalism and innovation. Without a doubt, a quality partner.
-Cristina Justo
Communications Director
The ElkanoData team always looks to surprise with something new, creative and efficient. They´re always looking to excel in every project. Working with them is really easy, you can relax knowing that your project is in good hands.
-Diego Anderiz