Quintessential Quotes From Cult Film Directors
At ElkanoData we're celebrating - we're turning 2. And to celebrate, we've decided to combine two of our favorite things: our work and movies.

With this idea in mind, ElkanoData Film Series was born: a series of Infographics and Motion Graphics inspired by great cinema - and especially by those directors, movies and actors that have most influenced and inspired us.

This first installment of ElkanoData Film Series "Quintessential Quotes From Cult Film Directors" takes a look at our favorite directors and their most celebrated, memorable and honest quotes.

The selection process wasn't easy and there will surely be some of your favorites that we haven't included, but this is the great thing about the ElkanoData Film Series, that with the next edition we can include all those directors and phrases that you'd like to see.

In the end we've chosen these 8 cult film directors: David LyDavid Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, Woody Allen, Orson Welles, Tim Burton, Spike Lee, Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick.
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This first edition pays tribute to those quotes that we've equally parts liked, been confused by and have made us feel smarter.

After carefully narrowing down our selection, we've chosen these 8 incredible cinematic geniuses: Orson Welles, Spike Lee, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch.
8 quintessential quotes from cult film directors #directorquotes
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In dealing with a series based on cinema, we had no choice but to include animation: transforming the 8 quotes into 24 frames per second.

Ever since the triumph of movie soundtracks in the 1930's, the music has become a central element in all films.

We associate music with characters, scenes and emotions; making a quiet impression in some part of our unconscious that wakes up with the first note.

Coffee & Cigarettes, Citizen Kane, Do the Right Thing... do you think you can pick up on all the references that are in the video?
A characteristic and widespread trait among movie-lovers is nostalgia.

Nostalgia for quality cinema, analog nostalgia, nostalgia for movies that take risks and look beyond the box office, nostalgia for the movie theatre as a magic place that can transport you and let's you dream without the sound of popcorn, nostalgia for unforgettable scenes, nostalgia for what ultimately is good film making.

A classic and essential aspect of the movies, movie posters have always been an object of desire, posters that we've all dreamed about having in our bedrooms and "borrowing" them from the bus stop.

We couldn't not inlude them in this first edition.

Here they are, so that you can temporarily leave behind any urban vandalism.
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"Nothing is original" - Jim Jarmusch #directorquotes
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"If it can be thought, it can be filmed" - Stanley Kubrick #directorquotes
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And that's it for the first edition of the ElkanoData Film Series.

If you want to receive posters to save them, print them, hang them up in your bedroom or return them to a bus stop, get in touch with us and we'll send them to you.

What other directors would you like to see?

We might have missed out on including your favorite cult film director, or perhaps a director's quote that you would liked to have seen included in the series.

Tell us on social media!

Let us know via our social networks the director and phrase that you'd like included in the next installment and we'll be sure to include some of the best submissions.
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What's your favorite director's quote? ElkanoData will make you the poster! #directorquotes
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